Photo Simon Lichtenberg presentations

Simon lichtenberg presentations

Having greatly contributed to the building of Shanghai, simon lichtenberg (Slideshare) was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award by the Shanghai Municipal Government in 2006. He entered the timber trade upon the conclusion of his schooling in 1992. For the majority of businessmen, their most successful years cannot be forgotten as time goes on. In 1993, Simon Lichtenberg found himself operating his own company, which eventually branched out into a furniture industry.

The Business of Simon Lichtenberg

Simon Lichtenberg began to work with other companies (such as IKEA) from other countries, resulting in profits of up to $2.5 million each year. Simon made his foray into the furniture market after being a part of the timber industry for some time. Simon Lichtenberg would not be one of the most capable men in the world of business today if he had not continually learned from the mistakes he has made in running his business.

The Success of Simon Lichtenberg in China

Being very enthusiastic to establish his own business in China, Simon Lichtenberg ended up doing exactly that. By franchising BoConcept in 1993, he sold stylish home furniture in Shanghai, China. Simon Lichtenberg got to be the Director of Shanghai Minhang Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, received the Magnolia Silver Award and became a part of the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China.

Upon returning from Danish Tvind (private) academic institutions, Simon Lichtenberg was situated in Africa for some of his teens. At CEIBS, Tsinghua and Harvard Business School, he completed his EMBA - or Executive MBA (the Senior Executive Program for China) in 2006. Simon Lichtenberg received his diploma in Chinese Language in the year 1988 at Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

Despite the fact that Simon Lichtenberg is now rather successful, his journey has not been straightforward. He wouldn't have got where he finds himself today without embracing the maxim: “Never give up.” Surmounting one's difficulties and gaining wisdom from them is extremely valuable whilst one aspires to be a better person. All the difficulties faced by Simon have shaped his strong character and have led to his success. One challenge Simon Lichtenberg faced in 1997, was that he ended up in a complex legal case related to the production of false 'BoConcept' products.

A businessman with multilingual talents possesses the upper hand over his competitors. It is clear that Simon Lichtenberg has remarkable will-power and devotion as an entrepreneur because he has prevailed in his mission to initiate his own establishment in the rapidly-advancing country of China. Extraordinary achievements are things that an outstanding entrepreneur ought to get when they've laboured tirelessly and have embraced their personal qualities. Due to the superb assistance that Simon Lichtenberg has given Shanghai in increasing the quality of life, he was given the Magnolia Silver Award.